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With over 100 years of experience, Fine Decor are experts in the art of wallcovering. We are a Great British brand with a long history of tradition and innovation.

The company was established in 1911 by George F. Jackson as the Holmes Chapel Wall Paper Company, the factory was purposely built for the manufacturing of wallcoverings. George. F. Jackson, was not only a very gifted designer, but had a great colour-sense, which was and is still a pillar of strength to the factory. The Holmes Chapel factory was acquired by The Wall Paper Manufacturers Ltd. in 1915, G. F. Jackson and J. T. Walker joining the directorate.

By the early 1950's the Wall Paper Manufacturers Ltd. became more synonymous with the brand Crown Wallcoverings and we became Crown Wallcoverings, Holmes Chapel Branch. In 1965, publishing house Reed International purchased the WPM, and by 1971 they brought Crown Paints and Crown Wallcoverings under the same management.

In the late 1980's Reed international sold their decorative holdings in order to focus on publishing, and on Christmas Eve 1989 we became Fine Decor Ltd. In 2000 we were acquired by Brewster Wallcoverings, a 5th generation family business run out of Boston, USA.