Inspired Design: Behind The Scenes of Reclaimed

Reclaimed, from A-Street Prints, is an industrial chic, modern new wallpaper collection entrenched in history.

The challenge with Reclaimed was accurately converting three dimensional objects into stunning wallpaper. Our lead designer, Leslie Hollis, created many of the patterns from her expert photography. 

In order to add a realistic appearance to the wallpaper, special printing techniques were used. 


The designs were printed on an environmentally friendly non-woven substrate using tactile inks, foil accents, and layered details. Dimension was key in making these designs come to life. Distressed wood planks, corrugated metal, antique tin tiles, and classic brick prints take walls from flat backdrops to stunning features. 

The combination of artistry and makes Reclaimed a stunning interpretation of reality. The wallpapers have the look of the true finishes without the commitment of the actual materials. 

If you would like more information on Reclaimed, you can contact us by phone or email.